Prestressing steel Prestressing steel wire

plain, bright or galvanized (PROTEC®)

indented, bright
Prestressing steel strand

7-wire, bright

7-wire, corrosion protected A-COR ®

7-wire, corrosion protected galvanized (PROTEC®)
A-COR ® STAYCOR Steel wires and strands for suspension bridges

Spring steel wire Hardened and tempered spring steel wire

Technical spring steel wire

phosphated resp. dry-bright


galvanized (PROTEC®)

CRAPAL® (Zn 95 % Al 5 %) coated
Upholstery wire

Helical wire

Pocket wire

Bonnell wire

Zigzag wire
Special steel wires Steel wires for special applications such as

for steel ropes

for the cable industry (cable armouring wires, core wire)

for punching and bending parts
with bright, galvanized (PROTEC®) or CRAPAL® coated surface
CRAPAL® the optimized corrosion protection for

rope wires

spring steel wires

process wires

cable armouring wires

wires for punching and bending parts
value-adding activities


Zinc coating

Crapal® coating

Hardening and tempering

Pickling and coating